How does Macson Mesh Industries (Pvt) Ltd sell their products?

Macson Mesh distributes and sell its products through an extensive island-wide distributor and dealer network with 2000+ contact points. With over 50 years existence in the business our dealers are extensive and cover almost every part of the island.

Does Macson Mesh make custom orders?

Macson Mesh does customize products to specific sizes, gauges etc based on factors such as quantity, production time, delivery etc. Contact our marketing team for your specific requirement.

How are special projects handled?

Government, large scale, custom order special projects are generally coordinated by our head office marketing team.

How do I find the right mesh product to suit my purpose/requirement?

Our product description spells out the mesh composition and formation besides some of the common applications. Nevertheless, should you wish to know more contact us through Contact Form on this website and our marketing team will reach out to you.