Chain Link Fences provided an alternative to brick walls as a protective measure while also creating a sense of space and a view of the surroundings. The fencing material is galvanized and PVC coated for longevity besides being an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution that is easy to install.

The SLS 1148 (Sri Lanka Standards Institution) Macson Chain Link Fence comprises hot dipped galvanized steel of different gauges in both PVC coated or zinc coated form according to the type of application. The wire is machine-woven into a zig-zag pattern to form a diamond pattern, thus, strengthening the surface area. Further, the open weave structure allows for natural light to travel through to either side of the fence. Light passing through can be controlled by the introduction of slats into the mesh.

The Macson Chain Link is available as 15-meter length rolls with varying widths from 1m (3 feet 3 inches) to 4m (12 feet to 2 inches) and gauge sizes of 6, 8, 10 and 12 with 25mm to 60mm mesh openings. The modular design makes it possible to link rolls in any direction and cover a larger area beyond the standard sizes. Custom specification chain link fencing can also be manufactured with specific length, width, mesh opening and gauge sizes depending on quantity.

Macson Chain Link Fencing can be used for virtually any purpose. Some of the common applications are:

  • Military enclosures
  • Prison perimeters
  • Airports and Highways
  • Oil, Water, Gas and other industrial installations
  • Factory and Store premises
  • Police Riot/Crowd Control
  • Estates, farms and playgrounds
  • Homes, Gardens and Shops

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