Macson chain link fence

Chain Link Fences provided an alternative to brick walls as a protective measure while also creating a sense of space and a view of the surroundings.

Macson Welded Mesh

Macson Welded Mesh comprises of metal wires placed horizontally and vertically along the roll and are welded at the intersections.

Macson Hexagonal Wire Netting

Although Hexagonal Wire Netting is used mainly in the poultry industry and other bird and animal cages and therefore is often referred

Macson Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire is the most cost-effective method of protective fencing mainly used in domestic sector and farms, estates etc. Also known as barb wire,

Macson Gabions

Gabion Boxes are rectangular wire mesh baskets that are used as retaining walls to prevent soil or sea erosion, hill embankments,

Macson Woven Wire Mesh

Macson’s Woven Wire Mesh as the term describes is wire strands weaved in the pattern used in making cloth.

Macson Concertina Barbed Tape & Flat Wrap

Macson Concertina Razor Barbed Wire and Flat Wrap is a form of barbed wire with blades fixed to the lead wire for extra security.